Smiles, Laughter and Guffaws

The greatest expression of joy, the best sign of pleasure, excitement, life … Come from a smile to laughter and laughter to endless guffaws. But to laugh we must be open, receptive and ready. If you do not feel like laughing, nobody will do it for you.

“In nothing is more manifested the personality than in that what you laugh”, Goethe.

And you, what are you laughing? You laugh?

Smile, innate from birth, evolving from a physical behavior to emotional behavior and gradually becomes an expression of one’s personality. Freud attributed to the power of laughter rid the body of negative energy. Something that has been scientifically proven. Laughter rejuvenates, provides vitality, energy and even relieves pain. We exercise muscles moving crowd impossible to work in the gym. Although perhaps the most curious of laughter, is that it is located in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain where the creatividad.pareja-laughing-happy-bike-remember-what-lies by little and without realizing , as we grow, mature and gain responsibilities, we lose spontaneity and thus, the ability to get carried away, tempt and deceive even laughter and comic see the positive side of things.

Caring for our inner child, play, joke, and provide our God a day of moments that allow us to release tension, relax and enjoy. Be adults who have wanted to laugh, right?

A sense of humor is generally indicative of intelligence and creativity that involves some degree of self-criticism or ability to laugh at oneself. But this kind of humor supposed to enjoy such an important virtue and humility and a healthy self-esteem that allows you to joke about your weaknesses, gaffes and routines with aplomb, providing them with humor and even adding additional ingredients that overstate to reduce the absurd without feeling bad. Self-criticism does not necessarily degrade or humiliate. Therefore, there Risoterapia workshops where people learn to laugh. Knowing laugh at the same or make your partner laugh is an art that rather than dominate, we must continually remember and learn to enjoy to have good mental health and quality of life win. Laughter creates, joins, love. Stabilizes, strengthens and calm. Not only frees us laugh, but sanitizes the link we have with ourselves and intensifies existing between two people, it contributes to relativize the problems and to encourage positive thoughts and attitudes. So we stretch the smile, laughter and exercise them based entrenémonos laughter.

“Laugh at life. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with whom laughs. Laugh at what you damn well please. Laugh alone or with whom you please. Luce your sense of humor, your finery. And in terms laugh is concerned, it is the best therapy for the soul”.

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